Apply now to join our b.a.r.e ambassador community!

We are building a community of passionate voices who want a more sustainable world and future. We'd love for you to join us!

Why rep b.a.r.e. soaps?

We're a brand built on the idea that a single bar of soap can do great things. Similarly, we believe that a single person can do great things. When you represent b.a.r.e. soaps, you're representing the idea that we're each capable of creating change, and it starts from within our communities.


How do I become a b.a.r.e. ambassador?

!It's super easy to apply and track your impact through our ambassador management system


Submit an application. Answer the questions as complete and honest as possible - we want to learn more about you.

Get Accepted

We will reach back out to you if you have been selected. You can start using both codes immediately.

Create Account

You will then create an account with Buzzbassador, our ambassador management system

Get Started

Start uploading photos on social media, sharing your referral code, and using your discount code to make purchases!


Frequently Asked Questions

?What are the perks and rewards

Brand ambassadors receive 15% off on all of their purchases. 

What if I want to share with friends and family? Is there a discount?

Each b.a.r.e. ambassador will receive their own unique affiliate code that they can share with friends and family for 15% off on their first purchase. The dashboard will keep track of all the purchases that come through our shop through you.

Is there a commission for each sale that I make?

We currently offer a nominal 5% commission rate on all orders that are referred through by you.  The 5% is calculated as a percentage of the discounted purchase price (ie if an order is $30, the 5% would be calculated off of $25.50, after the 15% referral discount). Commission is paid out every 30 days.


Who should apply as a brand ambassador? Will I automatically be accepted?

We are looking for enthusiastic and passionate people who are looking to make a change. Being a brand ambassador is not just about getting free or discounted baresoaps products. It's about embodying the sustainability values we all share and belonging in a community where we can all share and grow our knowledge in this regard.


We want to make it clear that you don't need to live a zero-waste lifestyle to be a brand ambassador. You just need to be willing to be a part of the sustainability solution. When we talk about sustainability, we are including both social and environmental sustainability.

  • Social sustainability: The impact on people. This can range anywhere from advocating equal opportunity, to diversity, to non-profit initiatives
  • Environmental sustainability: The impact on the planet. This can range from recycling, re-using, to anything related to climate change. 

This means that not every application will be accepted. It's important that when you apply, you help us understand the "why" behind you wanting to be a brand ambassador for baresoaps! 

I've applied and been accepted! So what do I actually do as a b.a.r.e. brand ambassador?

A b.a.r.e. brand ambassador is someone who is willing to use their social platform to encourage others to live a more sustainable lifestyle. It doesn't matter whether you have 10 followers or 10,000 followers- you have the ability to share content that raises awareness and educates others on sustainability topics they may not be aware of.


Throughout the year, we will be creating exclusive content for our brand ambassadors to share with their followers on sustainability topics. For example, in the spring, we'll create content focused on helping people start their own garden and educating them on why it's so important.


As you can see, it's not just about referring friends and family to buy our products. It's so much more. As a b.a.r.e. brand ambassador, you'll be a part of a vision to create a more sustainable future. 


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