Become a Jampha Buddha Buddy  🕉



Jampha is much more than a company we are a group of
awakened Spiritual Beings lighting a path to healing for all sentient beings grounded in the foundational principle of loving kindness for all mother sentient beings.


Creating abundance offers enabling power for each of us to increase our influence in the world around us and with those we are blessed to reach and serve along our path.


Stay tuned into the frequency of loving kindness to receive, teachings, empowerments and support in becoming your greatest version and emulating the characteristics of your Blossoming Buddha Nature. 

Buddha means "Enlightened or Awakened Being" As a Buddha Buddy we will empower you with support, teachings and guidance as you emulate loving kindness into the world. Buddha teaches that our minds are most important to cultivate, nurture and explore. We see in the world around us everywhere troubled minds that often lead to imbalanced bodies. Our body needs to be nurtured and kept healthy and vibrant in order to support our mind in its expansion and enlightenment. As a Loving Kindness Buddha Buddy you will receive a unique discount and referral codes! These will empower you to support others on their path to healing, mind, body and soul. 


Through loving kindness Jampha creates avenues of abundance and healing for yourself and others.




The Next Steps...


Apply with the Form and share with us what Synchronicity brought you here to this moment.

Click the button at the top of this page to apply using our Buddha Buddy Application form.


Check your Email

Accepted applications will receive an email notification with more information.


Share Loving Kindness with the World

Share your referral code with friends, family, followers, healers and let us know anyway we can help, support, educate and empower you in sharing loving kindness with your communities.


Generate Abundance

You will have opportunities to generate abundance, whilst sharing loving kindness through plant medicine and supporting healthy mind, body and spirit of all sentient beings. 


Share Your Content

Take pictures capturing moments of loving kindness and special moments with Jampha products then share on Social Media, we will tag and share to our Social media!