Apply To Become a Katherine Girl Brand Ambassador!

We'd love for you to join our growing community of Katherine Girl Ambassadors! If you are passionate about natural makeup, social media, being a positive influence, and doing good in the world...apply today!

Who is a Katherine Girl?


A Katherine Girl is someone who...


Participates in life. You go for dreams, take chances, and aren't afraid to just go for it.

Passionate. You are aware of what's going on in the world and you like to get educated and help out for causes you're passionate about.

Animal lover. We are ALWAYS cruelty-free and we take great pride in that, so we hope this is a cause you are excited about also.

Confident & inspiring. You love to inspire others and do your best to spread love and positivity both on and offline.

Social media star. You aren't afraid of getting behind the camera to promote products and you are passionate about creating.

Why join this community?


Katherine Cosmetics is focused on creating all-natural and cruelty-free beauty products that make people feel confident and beautiful. We believe in creating a community that exemplifies beauty from the inside out, through kindness, inclusivity, selflessness, and confidence! Become a part of our inspiring Katherine Girl community who believe in making a difference in the world one lipgloss at a time!



Earn 10% commission for your side-hustle or to support your favorite cause/charity.


Get your own special 25% off discount code.


20% discount referral code to share with your friends, family, and social community!


Meet like-minded girls from all over the world.


Get exclusive deals and first access to new products.


Monthly newsletters, charity of the month, and Katherine Girl of the Month!


Potential to get involved in new product launches, social media takeovers, & so much more!


About the program


Our program is an amazing community to be in, involving passionate and incredible people from around the world. As a part of our program, you'll get access to exclusive product discounts, VIP early access, your own unique discount and referral code to share with friends and followers, the opportunity to earn cash commissions, and we will feature you on our social media pages!

How do you become a brand ambassador?



Submit an application. Answer the questions as complete and honest as possible - we want to learn more about YOU!


Get Accepted

We will reach back out to you if you have been selected. You can start using your discount & referral codes immediately. Yay welcome!


Create Account

You will then create an account with Buzzbassador, our ambassador management system to activate your account.


Get Started

Start uploading photos, sharing your referral code, and using your discount code to make purchases. Update your bio to show off that you're a Katherine Girl now! We're so excited to have you on board! #katherinegirl


Katherine Girl Welcome Gift

Make your first purchase and receive your Katherine Girl Welcome Kit. A free product and some cool starter KG swag!