We are looking for co-creators (you don't need to own a pair yet) and current customers (you already own a pair of Mohalas) to become Mohala Ambassadors!


Co-creators - create content (reels, TikToks, IG stories, and selfies) to showcase our unique superior fit. Tag @Mohalaeyewear and #mymohalas #inclusiveeyewear #mohalaambassador #mohalasisterhood so we can reshare your content and you!


Customers - let everyone know what you already know about Mohala - that we're the superior fit. 


We'll give you a unique promo code (for 15% off their first pair) to share with family, friends, and followers to upgrade their eyewear. 


If you are not a content creator or a current customer then the best way to become a Mohala Ambassador is to buy a pair, become a customer and then apply!




1 referral = $20 gift card

We are enlisting a community of co-creators to help curate the Mohala story.   


What’s in it for you:


1:  Free eyewear
A free pair gifted for content creators in exchange for video content or loyal Mohala customers earn rewards for referrals.    


2:  Discount for your community  
Use your unique promo code to share 15% off first orders with friends, family and followers.


3:  Free gift cards
1 referral = $20 Mohala Gift Card 
By submitting your application to the Mohala Ambassador program you give Mohala Eyewear a full release to use, reuse, publish & repost content you create (videos,  photos, etc.) on social media.  Earned gift cards are emailed after the 90 day return window closes on the referral sale. 
Questions?  Send a note to [email protected]  


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