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We're so thrilled that you're interested in joining the official Selective Ambassador Program! By joining this program, your blogs, vlogs, and social media posts will help us spread the word about our brand, and share the joy of our awesome products with your unique network.  *(Ambassadors who apply must have an influence/ audience over 5K with a public profile.)*


Becoming an Ambassador means you'll receive an exclusive and redeemable discount code *only for ambassadors*! You'll also get a unique, custom referral code made just for you that you can promote and share with your circle. When this code is used to make a purchase on our site, you'll earn a 10% commission!


We also encourage you to post photos promoting our brand on social media. See below for some photo inspiration. Our brand is all about living free, consciously and ethical!

Inspiration for Your Content


About Us

At the beginning stages of researching a brand name, we had asked ourselves, what does it actually mean to be selective?  To us? It means that you have a choice.  A choice to press on, regardless of the circumstance, a choice to push through the pain when giving up seems to be the only viable option.


Let's be honest, life can hit you with a ton of bricks, but it’s ultimately up to us to stay focused, regain our strength and channel our inner beast in order to overcome adversity. Through experience, we have the ability to learn and grow from our past mistakes, become resilient and empowered.


The Ë in our logo represents empowerment. It also represents one’s ability to gain resilience through each season in life. In order to be empowered, we must set our goals and intentions, hold ourselves accountable and act on our own authority!


Our brand is 100% eco- friendly. What does that mean? We offer sustainable products to cut back on the carbon footprint around the world! Made with YOU  in mind, our brand  gets that sustainability really does matter!


Our brand ambassador program is for people who love our brand and share our brand message of kindness and positivity. We will give you an opportunity to connect with people around the world, earn cash rewards, and have your content reposted on our social accounts and website!

What They Say About Us



Vildana P.


"I feel empowered when I wear SELCTV."

Ariel S.


"Joining a team of empowered women gives me the opportunity to share the platform to empower other women."

Barbie V.

How To  Apply



Submit an application. Answer the questions as complete and honest as possible - we want to learn more about you.

 *(Ambassadors who apply must have an influence/ audience over 5K with a public profile.)*


Get Accepted


We will reach back out to you if you have been selected. You can start using both codes immediately.


Create Account


You will then create an account with Buzzbassador, our ambassador management system.


Get Started


Start uploading photos, sharing your referral code, and using your discount code to make purchases!

Frequently Asked Questions


Got questions? We've got you covered


How Much Commission  Can I Earn?


  •  Ambassadors can earn up to 10% off every sale.

What Are The Other Benefits  Of Joining?

  • Ambassadors will receive 30% off discount on ALL SELCTV Products + early access to new products.
  • 15% for your friends, family and followers.
  • 10% commission on everything you sell through your efforts (Social Media, Friends, Family.etc.

Do I get FREE Apparel?

No, however, Ambassadors will receive a 30% of discount on ALL SELCTV Products for the duration of your Ambassadorship!








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