We're so thrilled that you're interested in joining the official Shisha Puffs Ambassador Program! By joining this program, your blogs, vlogs, and social media posts will help us spread the word about our brand, and share the joy of our awesome products with your unique network.



Becoming a Shisha Puffs Ambassador means you'll receive an exclusive and lifetime redeemable discount code *only for ambassadors*! You'll also get a unique, custom referral code made just for you that you can promote and share with your circle. When this code is used to make a purchase on our site, you'll earn a commission!


● You will receive 3 FREE Samples in the first month, when we launch the product. (Flavours of your choice)

● We would love to give you a special discount per product using your own discount code that you can use for you purchases.

● You will earn 5 AED as a commission per product that will be sold using your discount code.

● You will receive your total commission at the end of the month via Bank Transfer.

● Once you reach 3 months of sales, you will start getting a monthly supply on the 4th month of 1 FREE Shisha Puff flavor of your choice until you reach the 6th month.

● You will be featured on our page and will have exclusive invites during our private events.

As our Brand Ambassador

● We require you to make an unboxing review of our product/s. Every time you receive your

● Tag us on stories and posts on your social media.

● Promote us on your page as your Affiliate Partner.

● Require your audience to use your discount code, so we can separately track your sales.

● We would appreciate it if you’d be a part of our brand photo/video shoot (will be announced.)This is a new Text block. Change the text.


1. Click The Button Below

Click the button below that says "Apply Now"! This will take you to our official ambassador program application form.

2. Fill Out The Application Form

Once the form appears, fill it out with your info. Make sure the info is 100% accurate so we can contact you if needed!

3. Create Your Referral Code

For the question "What would you like your referral code to be?", enter your desired unique code (i.e. "Tanya15"). in the blank

4. Wait For An Email From Us!

If you're accepted to the program, you'll receive an email from us with instructions, so be on the lookout!

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