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We are building a community of over 1,000 brand ambassadors nationwide. We'd love for you to join us!

Why rep our brand?

Our brand is focused on natural beauty in all shapes and sizes. We want to work with people who exemplify beauty from the inside out, through kindness, inclusivity, selflessness, and a badass attitude.


How do you become an ambassador?

Here is a summary of the onboarding process for our ambassador program



Submit an application. Answer the questions as complete and honest as possible - we want to learn more about you.


Get Accepted

We will reach back out to you if you have been selected. You can start using both codes immediately.


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You will then create an account with Buzzbassador, our ambassador management system


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Start uploading photos, sharing your referral code, and using your discount code to make purchases!

About the program

Our program is a great community to be in, involving passionate and incredible people from around the U.S. As a part of our program, you'll get access to exclusive product discounts, your own unique referral code to share with friends and followers, the opportunity to earn VGB Gift Cards, and even reposts of your content on our social media pages.


Frequently Asked Questions

.Got questions? We've got you covered

What is a VGB Ambassador?


If you have a passion for fashion and all things VGB, we are looking for you! Engage in your community as an ambassador and receive several perks. Receive a special Ambassador discount on personal VGB purchases on our site or mobile app. Also, share your personalized code and earn up to 20% commission on referred orders. Plus be the first to know about sales and collection launches to share with your followers! [coupon codes can only be used on regular priced items]



?How much commission can I earn

For every referral that results in a purchase from your friends or followers, you will receive 20% commission in store credit in the form of a VGB gift card. The commission will be based off of the total sale after discounts are redeemed. For example, a $100 sale with the 10% off ambassador coupon code = $90. VGB ambassadors will receive 20% in store credit off of the $90 sale. Payouts of the VGB gift cards will be issued 30 days after you sign up and create your personal code.

?What are the other benefits of joining

Not only will you be able to receive VGB Gift Cards, but you will be able to receive special discounts on select merchandise through out the year just for ambassadors!

VGB Ambassador Terms & Conditions